Secondary Schools

The St Vincent de Paul Society appreciates the great support provided by secondary schools. Every year secondary students contribute thousands of food and clothing items as well as monetary donations to assist families and individuals in need. By way of these fundraising/collection opportunities, the Society aims to help deepen the students’ understanding of Social Justice – particularly with seeing the needs of people in our own neighbourhood.


Here are a few initiatives that schools do a great job with supporting.

Winter Appeal – through fundraising, blanket/socks collections, non-perishable food collections, and in recent years, undertaking awareness raising events such as the much loved School SleepOuts.

Christmas Appeal – through the popular toy appeal, donating food items and making up Christmas hampers for families in need.

Assist-A-Student Program – Every $70 raised provides an educational scholarship for a student in a developing country for a whole year.

Vinnies Stores – Donating good quality, pre-loved clothes and toys which can be sold through the Vinnies Stores to help people in need

Vinnies School Sleepout – Run your own school Sleepout, this initiative links in with the Vinnies CEO Sleepout but provides a way for schools to engage with the topic of Homelessness. Click on the picture below for more information

College Conferences

A College Conference is a group of committed students who meet regularly and follow the Mission and Vision of the St Vincent de Paul Society. These students are passionate about Social Justice and seek to help those in need in a variety of creative ways. From fundraisers and collections, to advocacy and awareness raising campaigns, these students prove that young people can make a difference.


The St Vincent de Paul Society understands that School Conferences aren’t for every school. There are countless schools without Conferences throughout Victoria who are terrific supporters of the St Vincent de Paul Society. It is our aim to offer resources and support to all schools who wish to help the cause of the Society.  See below for these Resources

School Conference FAQ – Click Here

Want more information?

If you would like more information on College Conferences please contact the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator at for more info or to arrange a meeting. You can also fill out the form below or have a look at our Mini Vinnies and College Conference page.


The Youth and Education Team have developed eight workshops on different social justice topics that can be delivered at your school. The topics are:

  1. St Vincent de Paul Society
  2. Catholic Social Teaching
  3. Advocacy
  4. Homelessness

All workshops take 30 minutes and require the use of a projector for PowerPoint. Please let us know when you book if you would like a 30 minute activity to accompany the presentation. Workshops take place all over Victoria. If you are from a school in regional Victoria, let us know and a Youth and Education Team member will contact you when planning their next road trip to the area.

Members from your local St Vincent de Paul conference may also be very keen to speak with students and share how they help people in the local area. Contact a Youth and Education Team member who will assist in trying to arrange a conference member to speak at your school.

To request a workshop at your school, please fill out the request/enquiry form below

General Resourses for Secondary Schools


Passion for Social Justice: a social justice teaching resource 


Host a Vinnies Winter Sleepout

Student volunteering at Vinnies shops

Assist a Student Program

School fundraising kit


School Conference Day 2017 – SAVE THE DATE – May 4, 2017 at Abbotsford Convent 


Imagine a Family

Hope, Comfort, Dignity

Do Something About it

Request/Enquiry Form