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We hope that this page will provide resources to help you in your role as Mini Vinnies Coordinator.

Why did we put a password on the page? To encourage Mini Vinnies registrations. Registrations help us to keep up-to-date with teachers in charge and the locations of the Mini Vinnies groups. Plus, the more Mini Vinnies groups we have on record, the more support we will have to develop new resources.

If there are resources that you would like to see, please contact the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator, who appreciates all ideas and suggestions.

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Prayer and Pledge Cards (we can post out paper copies too!)

Commissioning Script – Word format (can be edited for your school’s use)

Commissioning Powerpoint Presentation (can be edited for your school’s use)


See Think Do – Ideas Sheet

Reflection cube

Find A Word

Issues Compass

Hand Prints

Making a Connection 


Refer to the general Primary Schools page for some of the most common action resources e.g. Food Collections

Making blankets (no sew)

Making heat / cool bags

Toiletry Packs

Household Item collections

Notes Template – My Wish For You


Parent Letter and Permission Slip – example

Mini Vinnies Committee Kit – template agendas, minutes, activity planners, etc.

Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Minutes Template

Treasurers Report Template

Activity Planner Template

Certificate A4 – general Mini Vinnies membership

Certificate of Achievement A5- 1 year (2 versions)

Certificate of Achievement A5 – 2 years (2 versions)

Certificate of Achievement A5 – 3+ years (2 versions)

Special Achievement Award A5 (2 versions)

Bailly Award for teachers A5 (2 versions)

Memorandum of Understanding – PDF version

Mini Vinnies Block Logo – with transparent background – PNG file

Mini Vinnies Poster 1 (A4)

Mini Vinnies Poster 2 (A4)

Mini Vinnies Poster Template – Blank (add your own content)


Prayers – Mini Vinnies Book of Prayers

MV Spirituality Guide – Year A (thanks NSW)

MV Spirituality Guide – Year B (thanks NSW)

MV Spirituality Guide – Year C (thanks NSW)

Reflection – The Greatest Commandment

Reflection – Charity and Justice

Reflection – The Log In Your Own Eyes

Reflection – Using our gifts

Reflection – Tale of the Oyster

Reflection – If That Were Me

Reflection – The Finest Apple

Reflection – A Pebble

Reflection – Can people with lots of money be poor?

Reflection – The Magic Bank Account

Reflection- Two Wolves


Go Make A Difference – Steve Angrisano

(YouTube link – can be purchased from iTunes)


(please check carefully for appropriateness before showing your students)

Mini Vinnies YouTube Playlist



Term 2, 2017

Term 1, 2017

Term 4, 2016

Term 3, 2016

Term 2, 2016

Term 1, 2016

Term 4, 2015

Term 3, 2015

Term 2, 2015

Term 1, 2015

Term 4, 2014

Term 3, 2014


UK Mini Vinnies Website

Queensland Mini Vinnies Resource Page


Some resources can be provided for free to schools with registered Mini Vinnies groups. Additional resources can be ordered at cost price and posted. An invoice will be sent with the resources.

  • Mini Vinnies Badges
  • Book of Prayers
  • ‘I did something about it’ badges

To order resources, send an email to the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator who will assist with your request.