All schools wishing to organise a Mini Vinnies group are asked to register their group with the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria. If you already have a Mini Vinnies group and need to update your schools details please also use the form below.

There is no cost involved. Registering your Mini Vinnies and updating your group’s details helps us to know where Mini Vinnies groups are located in Victoria and helps us organise resources to support schools.

In order to register Mini Vinnies or update your group’s details, the person completing the form will need to agree to the terms explained in the Memorandum of Understanding listed below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator on the details below.


Mission and Social Justice Coordinator – Primary

Felicity Walter | 9895 5839 | 0409 623 376 |


This memorandum of understanding highlights the relationship between the St Vincent de Paul Society and the primary school running a Mini Vinnies group. It is not a legal document but rather sets a series of expectations which will ensure a mutual supportive arrangement between both groups.


Mini Vinnies groups are social justice action groups which strive to help students make the connection between faith, values and action. Through small yet effective initiatives organised at school, students learn about the need in their community and have the opportunity to do something about it.

Nature of relationship

Mini Vinnies groups are voluntarily set up by the school and are the responsibility of the school. The use of the Mini Vinnies name and resources acknowledges an affiliation with the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The school chooses how to set up the group – they select who the group is open to, how often the group meets, and the activities which the group will undertake.

The St Vincent de Paul Society strives to provide the school with ideas, resources, and connections to members and programs, which help the school enrich the opportunities available to students.

Details of the relationship

The St Vincent de Paul Society will provide:

  • The following resources free-of-charge: 1 x Book of Prayers, Up to 30 Mini Vinnies badges, Up to 100 x “I did something about it” badges
  • Access to the Mini Vinnies resource page including Discussion Board
  • Quarterly Mini Vinnies newsletter
  • Visit by the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator to a Mini Vinnies meeting and/or class talk (to the best of their ability)
  • Phone and email assistance from the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator as required to help with activities.

Participating school will provide

  • Assurance that all fundraising and other initiatives organised in the Mini Vinnies, St Vincent de Paul Society or Vinnies brand, are in line with the mission, vision and values of the St Vincent de Paul Society. You can find them here – SVDP Mission, Vision and Values
  • A written summary of activities in late Term 3. A basic report proforma will be provided by the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator. This is purely for internal statistical use.
  • Consent for the SVDP to name the school as an SVDP affiliated school in the Annual Report or other official documentation.
  • Assurance that when the SVDP logo is used, it will not be altered or distorted in any way.

Privacy statement

The St Vincent de Paul Society collects and records basic information about schools with whom it has contact with. This information is stored on a secure electronic server. The information collected includes: school name and address, contact teacher name, phone and email, school visit information relating to nature of activity eg. class talk, plus information relating to activities conducted by the school for the SVDP eg. food collection, or under the Mini Vinnies or College Conference name. There is also the opportunity for the Mission and Social Justice Coordinator to record extra notes if needed. All information is available for the school to view upon request. View the official St Vincent de Paul Society Privacy Policy here.

The St Vincent de Paul Society will obtain written consent from the school before using photo or video images that identify children in any St Vincent de Paul Society publication.


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