Home visitation has been the core work of the St Vincent de Paul Society since our 20 year old founder Frederic Ozanam and his university friends visited people experiencing disadvantage in the poor areas of 1830s Paris.

Social Justice

This Social Justice Statement offers practical solutions to effect change in each of these areas and invites our members, volunteers, and the general public to speak up for justice. Together we can work towards addressing entrenched injustices and creating a fairer society.

Society works

Special Works, Disability, Vinnies Shops



Spiritual Reflection

The Spiritual Reflection Guides originated as an initiative to offer Society conferences materials and readings for weekly meetings. They haveĀ  generally been related to the liturgical readings and themes of the Sunday Mass calendar. In their present format, they try to present materials and prayers that are fresh and attractively presented, suitable as a starting point for both personal or community prayer and discussion.

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