If you are leading or managing volunteers as a part of your role, then this section is for you. Here you will find practical information on leadership and management that we hope makes you and your team a success.


Teams look to their leaders to set a positive example of how to approach colleagues, customers, people we assist and the public. As a leader it is important that you find out what motivates your team and bring out the best in them.

Why good leaders make you feel safe

What motivates us


Our volunteers should representative of our communities and be inclusive to all who are suitable to perform a role that is needed. Recruitment should always be impartial and equal opportunities given to all applicants no matter their background, ethnicity, sexuality, or disability.

Secrets to recruitment


Setting expectations and supporting the team in achieving those goals is important in any area of work. Having effective systems and procudures in place enables volunteers time to be used in a positive manner and for their experience to be positive.


Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ is all that is needed to recognise someone’s contribution, although there are many other ways to recognise contribution and different people respond to various forms of recognition.

Recognising volunteers